So you have a quick-and-dirty Python script that normalizes the data in a spreadsheet - the kind that is loved by the Excel-toting suits and (hush!) gets written in a 30 minute post-lunch session while reading hacker news etc.

It so happens that the pudgy fellow from sales - Bob wants to use it. As a responsible if lazy citizen of the Python universe, what are your options? Remember, your fundamental concerns are the following:

1) Bob using your script 2) Not having to work for it


  • Install Python on Bob’s MS Windows laptop.
  • Install the various dependencies on Bob’s MS Windows laptop.
  • Teach Bob that there is a thing called terminal and it has nothing to do with disease, cures and people dying for that matter.
  • Teach Bob how to run the thing on the (newly discovered) terminal thing. For instance:
    • You: Just type $ python <my_spreadsheet>
    • Bob: [$ $ python...] It’s SHIT!
    • You: Don’t type the $ Bob!
    • Bob: [$ python <my_spreadsheet>] It’s SHIT!
    • You: Sigh! I’m coming over.
    • Bob: Right! Why can’t you just make it like Excel.


  • Pick up some random Python GUI library
  • Please don’t. Don’t you have any friends?


  • ReCLIne like a Boss!
  • “And it even runs on my phone!” - #SaidBob

How do I get started?

  • git clone
  • cd recline
  • python tests/
  • Go to your browser and type: localhost:8080
  • Enjoy!
  • I am working on the PyPI thing.

Technical Stuff

Not much. I just discovered one fine day that the argparse.ArgumentParser object has more information than some half-decent encyclopedias. Thought it would be cool to render web forms from it.